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Nairaearners.com through blockchain technology connects ordinary Nigerians together as living nodes to help and support each other freely, and thereby, making 50% profit while helping to improving life of the others. We understood the fact that we are facing hard times in this country but with this blockchain technology we all try to raise the standard of living of Nigerian citizens thereby improving our own in return.
With NAIRAEARNERS.COM you enjoy guaranteed steady weekly donations

NAIRAEARNERS.COM is founded on the principles of give and you shall recieve. You get Donations of 50% from the donation you rendered in Naira within 3days for initial donation and 7days for subsequent donations. Remember givers never lack.
So what are you waiting for?
Give out a token, get Wealth

Render Help and Get Help 50% in 7 Days

Getting 100% of Investment + 50% Bonus Upon recycle

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The emergency of cyber beggers prompted the introduction of ban on member who deliberately refused to make payment

Our Features.



Our Support Team are ready to assist you on any issues. you can contact us via Live Chat and Support mail. Our Team Provide 247 support.



Nairaearners is Secured & Hosted On a secure Server With 99.9% Uptime Guarantee & Unlimited Bandwidth so you are Safe 100%.



HIW: the system auto match and note that you get your 100% Investment + 50% Bonus each time you recycle your Account.


To provide a reliable and sustainable system through blockchain technology with support needed to enable our members achieve their financial goals with our donation ideology.


Nairaearners mission is to make every member financial free, through our donationstoken ideology. Everyone should be financialy empowered and everyone will be. Its our members right and thats our Mission.


Our vision is to achieve our declared Mission within 2years.

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Donate and get 100% of your Initial Investment + 50% Bonus Upon Recycle.

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